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Noble Rollerball Pen - Green Buckeye Burl

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Product Details
This Noble Pen has been handcrafted from green dyed buckeye burl wood and is encased in a precious metal body with a rollerball tip. Stemming from our Exclusive pen series, it has been crafted to perform with excellence and capture the eye with visual perfection. Each Noble pen is custom made and is not sold if it does not meet strict quality standards.

• Finished with a high gloss finish.
• Each pen has the ability to be opened to replace the high-quality rollerball style inkwell.
• Comes with a standard black ink insert.
• Delivered in a high-quality Rosewood box.
*Please note that these wood pens are natural products, wood color and grain may vary slightly.


Buckeye Burl grows throughout most of the eastern US and in California on the Buckeye tree. It is relatively soft and light in weight. The Burl is incredibly beautiful - containing burl clusters, amazing color variation, and great character. Colors can range from golden yellow to brown with blackish-blue and even red accents.


Ortmann Woodcraft specializes in custom designs. If you have a personal request, please don't hesitate to contact us through a message or phone call ( 636-208-5062 ). We will personally work with you to make the perfect piece of functional art for your home .


If you have that special tree that you would like to memorialize, give Ortmann Woodcraft the opportunity to make heirloom pens out of it for you! Contact Ortmann Woodcraft for details.

As with all Ortmann Woodcraft products, if there is a problem with the item, I will make it right. Ortmann Woodcraft stands behind all of its products 100%.

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