Owners & Operators

Located in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Ortmann Woodcraft is our family-owned business that sells hand-crafted wood products.  We design and craft all of the products we sell.  Often our process begins by salvaging  wood from local farms or by purchasing sustainable harvested fine exotic woods from family run businesses.  We do all of the work ourselves out of our home-based shop.  All communications is done directly with us.  We aim to answer all inquiries and orders promptly and personally.  Ortmann Woodcraft always strives for 100% customer satisfaction.


The joy of our enterprise comes from our ability to craft quality products together. Our working styles compliment each other: Jon does the construction and Debbie manages the details.  Together we have been able to come up with some inventive, one-of-a-kind works of functional art.  Our goal is to send you home with a apiece you will enjoy using as much as we enjoyed crafting.


Sales & Marketing

Michael Ortmann, Petroleum Engineer and graduate of top-rated Missouri University of Science and Technology, left the oil fields of Texas to join Ortmann Woodcraft and work with his brother, Jon, in product line development and marketing.  Raised on a farm, Michael learned at an early age the value of hard work, problem solving, and the value of attention to detail.  His travels to Europe and studies in Malaysia helped Mike develop a healthy understanding of global markets, product excellence, and streamline manufacturing.  His commitment to excellence is only exceeded by his commitment to his family.


Anna Ortmann is a gifted artist, able to capture the world through the lens of a camera, strokes of a brush, or fine lines of a pencil.  She took on her first art students and became part owner in a regional newspaper by the age of 16. Since then she has done contract work for attorneys, camps, individuals, businesses, and organizations needing murals, sketches, photographs, graphics, banners.  She married the love of her life, Michael, and is raising her two young sons in the suburbs of St. Louis where she works on projects, including artwork, photography, and graphic designs for Ortmann Woodcraft.

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