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Is my pen refillable?

Yes, if you own a Slim Line style pen, simply firmly grab the top and the bottom and pull them apart. That will expose the center cylinder. Unscrew the Cross style insert and then simply place the top piece back on the bottom.



Do you offer any other color than black for Slim Line pens?

Yes, Ortmann Woodcraft offers a blue medium thickness for a small additional charge.



Is my fountain Pen refillable?

Yes – simply grab the bottom piece above the nub and twist counter clockwise to the pen. The whole bottom piece of the pen (not the wooden part) will unscrew and expose a ink well. Simply replace that well and you’re good to go.



Where can I purchase fountain pen refills?

Ortmann Woodcraft sells fountain pen refills on the product page of this site.



What if my cutting board looks “chalky” or dry?

That means that you need to oil your real wood cutting board. Simply acquire a non animal base oil and wipe down your Ortmann Woodcraft cutting board until it is wet looking. Wipe off any excess oil. Then you are good to go.



Can I cut raw food on my wood cutting boards?

Yes – As with any raw food processing, proper food handling and cleaning is required for a safe food practice. Wash the board throughly,with soap and warm water, before any additional foods are cut on the board. Once the board is clean, let it air dry and then oil it with a non animal base oil.



Does my cutting board come with a warranty?

Yes – All Ortmann Woodcraft cutting boards/butcher blocks come with a lifetime warranty against normal wear. The warranty does not include non cutting damage (drop, hit with a hammer etc.)

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