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Limited Edition, Official Presidential Inauguration Gift Set 2017 - Serial numbers 051-500

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***This listing is for a single gift set with unique serial numbers ranging from 051 through 500 only. Serial numbers are assigned by purchase order. IE: First purchase is serial number 051, next purchase is serial number 052, etc.***

This is a LIMITED EDITION run; only 500 of this set will ever be created! Every item in the set will be laser engraved with the serial number.

This is the ONE and ONLY Limited Edition, Official Presidential Inauguration Commemorative Gift Set. Ortmann Woodcraft is proud to have designed and created the Attendee Pen and Letter Opener gift set specifically for President Trump's inauguration celebration. This set was presented to all attendees at the Inaugural Luncheon on January, 20th 2017. You now can own a piece of history.

Each item in set numbers 051 through 500 are serialized. The set comes in a beautiful glass front rosewood box and contains the following:
1 Attendee Pen
1 Presidential Letter Opener
1 Engraved Plaque
1 Display Box

Each Attendee Pen starts with the same hand-turned Missouri Walnut but has a different size and shape that is thinner. The same high gloss finish is applied to the wood then polished to perfection. The pen is assembled and after assuring it is of the highest quality, it is engraved with "58th Presidential Inauguration January 20, 2017" and the serial number. After another hand polish and final quality check, the pen is added to the serialized container.

Each letter opener starts out as a single piece of hand-selected Missouri Walnut. After cutting out the wood block, the handle is shaped for maximum ergonomics and comfort using several tools and steps. The blade is formed by hand and provides uniqueness to each item. Final detail sanding leaves the handle smooth while achieving a sharpened knife edge for opening envelopes. "58th Presidential Inauguration January 20, 2017" is engraved onto the blade. The letter opener is coated with a protective gloss finish that will preserve its shine and beauty for many, many years to come. This is not only a Presidential collector's item; it is a work of art.

***Free Domestic Shipping***

**The pens come with a black ink insert.**

*Use a Cross or Parker brand to refill the ink.*

As with all Ortmann Woodcraft products, if there is a problem with the item, I will make it right. Ortmann Woodcraft stands behind all its products 100%.

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